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Life Insurance

Built for securing futures.

Whether the need is for protecting a family or business, MassMutual’s broad portfolio of life insurance products can help your clients. From education funding and retirement planning for individuals, to business planning for key people and estate planning for business owners, MassMutual has a life insurance solution your team can be proud and confident to present to clients.

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Introducing the New Apex VUL

MassMutual's new Apex VUL is a flexible premium variable universal life (VUL) insurance policy that provides a combination of features, benefits, and tax advantages for your clients. A permanent life insurance product, it provides a death benefit and has an accumulation focus that diversifies MassMutual’s life product portfolio. This helps to better meet clients where they are in the financial life cycle.

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Creating Value for Policyowners

Since 1851, MassMutual continues to deliver exceptional value to our whole life policyowners, while helping them secure their future and protect the ones they love.


Classic products, innovative results

MassMutual offers whole life, term life, universal life and variable universal life products.

   Product Portfolio

Whole Life Insurance

Overview of the MassMutual whole life product portfolio.

   Product Guide
   Consumer Guide
   Adjustable Loan Rates

Survivorship Whole Insurance

Survivorship Whole Life policies insure two people and pay the death benefit at the second death.

   Product Guide
   Consumer Guide

Term Life Insurance

Affordable, flexible term life insurance.

   Product Guide
   Consumer Guide

Variable Universal Life (VUL) Insurance

Apex VUL is a flexible, premium variable universal life insurance policy that combines permanent life insurance protection with the potential for account value accumulation.

   Product Guide
   Consumer Guide
   Investor Guide

Universal Life Insurance

Flexible premium universal life insurance offering the ability to guarantee the death benefit.

   UL Guard Product Guide
   UL Guard Consumer Guide
   SUL Guard Product Guide
   SUL Guard Consumer Guide


MassMutual has paid dividends to eligible participating policyowners every year since 18691

2024 Dividend Press Release

As a mutual life insurance company, MassMutual does not have shareholders. Instead, the company operates for the benefit of its participating policyowners. Participating whole life policies issued by MassMutual are eligible to receive a dividend each year.

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Marketing Materials

Conversation Starters

Built for creating opportunities.

These featured brochures will enable you to broach the conversation about life insurance with your client. Please reach out for additional materials and to take the next steps toward securing a policy for your client.

MassMutual whole life policies are the gift of a lifetime

Participating whole life insurance can give a child a financial head start and provide a range of benefits for years to come. It can truly be a gift of a lifetime.

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   Give the Gift of a Lifetime (Chinese)
   Give the Gift of a Lifetime (Spanish)

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Guaranteed to fit your life

MassMutual participating whole life insurance offers a combination of life insurance protection, cash value accumulation, guarantees and income tax advantages. Consider some of the ways that a whole life policy may help your clients address different financial needs over the course of their lifetime.

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   Guaranteed to Fit Your Life (Chinese)
   Guaranteed to Fit Your Life (Korean)
   Guaranteed to Fit Your Life (Vietnamese)
   Guaranteed to Fit Your Life (Spanish)

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Taming a bear market

If your clients are saving for retirement, they're probably used to seeing the value of their retirement accounts go up and down with the financial markets. However, once they retire, this may be a greater concern. Taking withdrawals from their retirement accounts during market downturns can significantly reduce their value over the long term.

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   Taming a Bear Market (Chinese)
   Taming a Bear Market (Korean)
   Taming a Bear Market (Vietnamese)
   Taming a Bear Market (Spanish)

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Dividends are determined annually, subject to change and not guaranteed.

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